The gun is very definately a Stevens No. 335. The No. 335 was introduced by the J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. in their Catalog No. 52 (Revised Edition), circa 1909.

From the circa 1910, J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. Demi-Bloc Shotguns catalogue.

The No. 335 continued to be produced through the 1920s by the J. Stevens Arms Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Savage Arms Corp. The No. 335 last appears in J. Stevens Arms Co. catalogue No. 57 dated 1929. By J. Stevens Arms Co. Catalogue No. 56, dated 1925, the stock was changed from the half-pistol grip to a capped full pistol grip. Both J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. and J. Stevens Arms Co. made thousands of guns marked with "trade brands" for various wholesalers and retailers. I don't have a listing for a "J.A.P." trade brand, but it seems we add new ones every week. Maybe Ned Fall has something on J.A.P.

The gun may now have a Beretta butt plate on it, but that certainly appears to my eye to be the original stock.Statistics: Posted by Researcher01 — Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:50 am