I have a Ranger 101.6(Stevens 5100) 20 gauge SxS, with 28" barrels, with full and modified chokes.

The letter code dates this shotgun to 1956.

The action locks up tight with no play and the bores are bright.
The shotgun shoots very well, and has no rust or other issues.

I was given this shotgun, from the original owner. He purchased the gun new and used it to feed his family, they were poor country folks.

When the original blueing started to show wear, he used a spray on finish, to recoat the barrels and receiver in the mid 70's.

I would like some help in figuring out the value of this shotgun as is.
I can then decide if i want to sell it as is, refinish it, or cut the barrels back to 18 1/4" and duracoat it for a home defense shotgun, etc....

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Statistics: Posted by M67 — Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:52 am