I swopped my forever FTF 391 for the new A300 -- have to say it's a nice light gun and easy to shoot - so far after 250 shell's not one FTF or eject -- It weigh's in at around 7lb - easy to take apart especially getting trigger out - no more pulling or tugging like 391.

This is wood - those little spots are where it rained on it yesterday

This is lug and gas bypass system after 100 shells - the spring hasn't got dirty yet

The gas system is I believe same as A400 - this is piston - the grooves on ring are there to scrape carbon out of gas sleeve. - it has to be pushed into barrel sleeve before you put barrel on gun

also the rod piston slides on.

This is trigger - note the dog is on right hand side

These are part of bolt - slightly different to 391

DaveStatistics: Posted by DSPUK — Sat May 05, 2012 8:25 am