You are right on. The best Ithaca serial number chronology is in the second edition of Walter Snyder's book The Ithaca Gun Company From the Beginning, and it dates your gun to 1902 as a NIG.

The original Ithaca Baker model hammer gun was replaced by the NIG in 1887. The first Ithaca hammerless double, the Crass Model came out in 1888. Combined Crass and NIG serial numbers ran up to about 50000. Then the hammerless Crass was replaced by the Lewis Model in 1901, and serial numbers began again at 55000. Combined Lewis and NIG serial numbers then ran up into the 123xxx range in 1906. Then the Minier Model hammerless gun replaced the Lewis, with combined Minier and NIG serial numbers beginning again at 130000 and ran up into the 151xxx range in 1908. In 1908 the Flues Model hammerless replaced the Minier, with combined Flues and NIG serial numbers beginning again at 175000. The NIG hammer gun continued to be made along with the Flues hammerless to 1915 when the short-lived "Two Bolt" hammer model replaced the NIG. Here is an NIG from 1910 --

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